"It's the idea that failure is not embarrassing to me. What's embarrassing to me is the idea of failing and not knowing." —Paula Scher

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hey guys, thought I update my blog a bit, this time around i decided to go with a minimalist and simple approach. Waddya think? ya like it? Just thought it will be a good start for me as i begin to draw away from dark themes, cuz' designers are emotional creatures and i was getting a little depress everytime i log on. Also i felt that i wanted a layout that would allow me to put in bigger pictures of my work for better visual stimulation hahahaha.

Anyways, latest updates are that i'm working on a few projects and will post them up shortly as the week's over. Just found out yesterday morning that i'm backing up for Bob Fitts, it's an amazing privilege but a little crazy for me as i gotta learn all 23 songs in two days, Jesus help me! Luckily we practiced most of the songs last night. On another note, there's a gadget on my wishlist i posted up months ago and it's almost coming to past as I'm about 80% - 90% in the process of getting it. Let the drooling begin. Cheers!

Powershot G10

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bob Fitts LIVE in KL!!!

Hey Guys, great news. Bob Fitts is coming to town. Invite your friends and family. FREE Admission on the first night.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

the prodigal son returns...

Hey peeps, hope all is well. Work has robbed me of my freedom to once again express myself on this blog, but all else is fine with me, just busy. As usual God is still great, awesome, evident and relevant. Been working on quite a number of branding projects and it's funny cuz' suddenly now everybody wants a logo. And I love branding because it's a challenging yet rewarding task to be able to sum up a product/service and tell a story in one symbol. So here are a few on what i've been working on during my so called free time or should i say 'time out' sessions, my mind never sleeps even when i'm sleeping (maybe that's why i've been so tired)... enjoy!

A friend of mine recently started his new business bout' a month or two ago and needed some help with a logo for his spa so i offered my services to design him something temporary as time is short with a lot of other things that are needed to be completed. So I got onto good-ol'-wikipedia and searched on the word 'banyan' and it's basically a bonsai tree that got fed too much steroids and more research led me to this.

Next up was the same friend(banyan) from church who decided that this is the season for him to take up the responsibility of building up a team to handle our Young Adults Church website. Being from Glad Tidings for 12-13 years plus now and to have seen the church grew from just a handful to 600-700 plus strong enabled me to have the culture embedded in me was a plus when designing it. So how do you define something that's been around for years and will only continue to grow stronger, better and bigger? As I see the long term value of it I chose to create something that's timeless. Give it a few decades and it's still updated and current, something that has it's own life to be able to rebirth itself every turn of the century. Here's to classics, retro, cool, elegant... cheers! This is my customized rendition and tribute to Coca-Cola and Bata. After that i tried it on different textures for flexibility test and it works.

G infotech is a company that's running a blog called 'Shopping n Sales' which showcases all the latest sales that are happening in KL and Selangor region. This has been one of the longest projects I ever get to work on and i'm contented with the results after many drafts and samples there was always a feeling that it could be better. Long story short the info box representing information was cut in half to create the letters 'G' and 'i'. Goes to show that nice works come when given the right amount of time to work on. Still I feel there's a little bit more i can work on but that's just me i guess.

In honoring a fellow designer/photographer friend Miss Li-Yin, I decided work on a logo she sketched for the ministry at the initial stages of its birth. Publicity & Promotion (P&P) department which i'm in is a passionate collaborative pool of designers within our church coming together to share ideas and churn out great design works for the various ministries and events that are within it. This here is a draft which still needs some work but you get the idea, if you don't it's 2 letter 'P' back to back with the filament as a '&' in between the 'P's to form a lightbulb.

A little 36 paged Missions booklet that I was working on months back, literally sweat and blood was all over this project and it paid off. Praise the Lord!

Was asked by our very own 'choobs' designer to help look for the perfect fonts for her new range of oriental trinkets and i thought these fonts were simply orientally awesome.

Lastly fresh from the oven this week. Had to come up with a flyer for Cell Fellowship Games 2009. Had a sudden rush of idea of a game plan and this was it.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

And you shall receive...

Hey guys, been awhile... Obviously to some point why I try to update this blog is because of portfolio matters and also to log my journey and research the creative process of what affects my work. But before I go on I would like to thank God for His awesome blessing this year end. In my heart I've always wanted to own a macbook and finally with just a little perseverance, patience and faith, TA DA!...

This season Santa was early and I'm just so amazed, this was definitely a surprise to me. Finally I have a complete family for both Work and Home. Have been busy playing with it non stop. Weeks after weeks of shopping for accessories and now it's complete, with an external Samsung 2233SW monitor. Now I can watch movies in my room in Full HD. This takes the cake for the year.

So anyway back to where I was before, like I was saying, the only reason I try to keep this blog alive is so that I can reflect back on the process of things that make me a so-called designer, it's my assurance that there is a God and He is creative therefore I'm just a tool that captures those moments and try to translate it the best way I can think of. 

So yeah anyway, back to what I've been up to, been definitely busy this year end, moments where I want to cry, laugh and just blah blah blah but never found the time to. And in time to come God willing, I hope I can recall what has happened since the last post. Cuz' right now everything is just a blur (That's how fast my weeks passes). So in time there'll be some back-to-the-past posts coming in, for archive purposes. It's like getting ready for audit every year end.
So before I see you again on the next post...

And may He shower you with blessings till your cup overflows and His Joy and Strength be with you no matter what situations and circumstances u encounter this new year. God Bless!

P.s. Thank you faithful silent readers who rarely leave comments. It's been a pleasure and pressure at the same time knowing that strangers read my blog. So the next time you're around the netbourhood (pronounced with a silent 't'), pay me a visit and drop maybe a line or two, much appreciated.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

inspiration brewin' in mah cup...

Hey guys, previous weeks have been pretty awesome I must say. After attending Kyoorius Designyatra Conference here in KL for two days, some speakers definitely left some crumbs on the table for me to savour. Unlike the Semi-Permanent Conferences that I use to attend this one was pretty impressive in terms of the line up of speakers that attended. Will definitely grab the opportunity to attend it religiously in the coming years. We tend to forget or sometimes fear when it comes to expressing our ideas, dreams and fantasies. Thru this conference all things that were considered awkward or taboo was welcomed and opened for discussion and argument in design principles, philosophies and theories. It's good to be among family again.

Other than that I'm missing my next Great Escape trip to Japan this month, so sad but God's been great cuz' I got to travel ,so much more that I imagined this year and Japan is but only a little boy's candy that got stolen so i'm giving it back. Well there's always next year, and I hear L.A. calling. *hint *hint hahaha

Anyway here's some stuff I've been working on: 
African Nite '08

Pulse Nov/Dec

Monday, November 10, 2008

an unexpected new addition to my MAC family...


Not on my Christmas wishlist for this year but it came anyways. Thanks to my baby for the surprise. I'm gonna be locking myself in the room this next few days. It's such an awesome gadget!